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As jump ropes are now in stock, the online store is now live at – Nettbutikk. For now it is a soft launch without any big announcements (besides this one) – but slowly and surely I will spread the word to attract more customers.

Under the menu item “Kjøp hoppetau” – the store is available and the products are now listed as in stock with a live checkout available.

Additional service to jump rope enthusiasts

While my overall mission with is to get more people to jump rope, part of that service is to provide good jump ropes to those interested.

Therefore, the online store is available throughout the entire website, with a seamless integration between the articles and training advice and the recommended jump ropes.

All jump ropes for sale in the store are personally picked and recommended by myself.

About the website platform

A little more about the online store at – Alt om hoppetau: