All time highs in November

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Antar CAT’s jump rope push is slowly getting up to speed. November proved to be the best month so far in many key performance indicators.

Record breaking numbers

November turned out to be the best month so far for in many categories such as:

  • Number of visits
  • Number of packages sent out to customers
  • Revenue

A closer look

November is a big shopping month in Norway, driven by Black Friday (week, weekend or even month). Even though there were no special offers on, people generally shop a lot during these times, probably causing an effect for as well.

New traffic sources were added – three price comparison engines. These contributed to some clear increases in website visits.

Also, SEO is starting to get some nice traction and is beginning to show good rankings, contributing with visits and sales in the online store.

Looking forward

Not all months will be new all time highs, and sales and visitor graphs are rarely moving in one direction only. But with the holiday season shopping being underway, and January being a big month for health and fitness, the next few months might bring some new growth.