Loco – Norway’s first 100% plant based store

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I have recently been welcomed into Team Loco as part of the team that will launch the first completely plant based grocery store in Norway. Antar CAT is proud to be part of this project, due to launch soon.

Physical and online vegan store

Loco will launch in the Oslo area as well as online, with more stores on the horizon soon after launch. The concept is 100% vegan – from fruits, dates, nuts and greens, to everyday items like plant based milk, cereal, shampoo and beauty items.

Like any other grocery store, Loco will be a one stop shop for everything you need. But zero waste, local businesses, a holistic approach to health and not to mention animal rights and the environment will be key factors for how the business runs.

Information, user experience and inspiration will be reasons to come to the store, even it vegan living has not entered your mind as a valid alternative.

Ecommerce and digital marketing

I enter the team as head of ecommerce and digital marketing, and my main priority will be the Norwegian online store with vegan groceries.

Look for more updates on Antar.no and Loco – All things plantbased on Facebook.