Jumprope Hoppetau AS takes over

Jumprope Hoppetau AS

Jumprope.no, Norway’s premier jumprope website and online store, is no longer run by Antar CAT. Instead, the new company Jumprope Hoppetau AS continues the Norwegian jump rope journey.

New jump rope company

Jumprope Hoppetau AS is a pure player in the Norwegian market, working exclusively with jump rope information, inspiration, workout and sales. It is part of the Bantar group.

Antar CAT continues to exist as a company, but from now on this will be more focused on being a marketing hub.

Same guy, new wrapping

While the company structure has changed, the person running the show will still be me, Kjartan Bjørkvold. I am still as passionate about jump rope as ever, and with this new company the Norwegian jump rope market will be even stronger.