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If you appreciate the work I do for the fitness and jump rope community, you are welcome to invest in the project. Donations of all sizes are appreciated.

How to invest

Making videos, streams and other content takes time and money. Your contribution can help me create more, better and more frequent updates, available free to everyone.

Buy me a coffee at I love coffee, it keeps me going when shooting and editing. But the funds can also be used for other purposes.

Donate to Jump Rope Tips with Kjartan


Contribute directly to Antar CAT through PayPal. Supporting Antar CAT Kjartan Bjørkvold and the work for spreading the word about jumping rope.

Go to the PayPal donation page.


If old school credit cards, money and logins to 3rd party apps are not your thing, you can also contribute directly to my Crypto wallet. This is the public address:


How will donations be managed?

All donations will go into my work and help me create more and better videos, streams and other content. If you would like an update om my progress, get in touch with me here.