Aero Speed Jump Rope: now in black

Aero Speed jump rope in black
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The Aero Speed jump rope from Buddy Lee is now available in black from This jump rope is as popular as ever and is the number one best seller in the store

Norway’s premier jump rope store is proud to be a Buddy Lee partner and local exclusive distributor. With the best products on the market and a proven track record as a local jump rope expert, and Kjartan Bjørkvold aim to be Norway’s premier jump rope source.

Not only is this supported by the selection in the online store, but also by the videos and articles about jump rope training.

Black is beautiful

While the best selling color so far has been the silver edition of the Aero Speed Jump Rope, the black color may just be the one that stands out in the future.

The black on black design (black metal handles, black neoprene grips and a black PVC cable) is as clean as they come. If black is your thing, make sure you match your workout outfit and shoes with the black Aero Speed to make a dark statement.